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"RAM's steps" memorial at Dalhousie

A memorial in honour of RAM was created in the north stairwell of the Life Science Centre at Dalhousie University after his passing in 2007 and made permanent in 2010.

Dr. Ransom A. Myers’ former students and colleagues have erected a memorial in his honour in the North stairwell of the Life Sciences Centre at Dalhousie University. The memorial consists of the first page of all the papers that were authored or co-authored by Dr. Myers, mounted on individual plaques on the wall of the stairwell in chronological order between the second (main) and the eighth (top) floors. The project was completed in March 2010.


The Myers Memorial Stairwell Project is a more permanent version of a spontaneous effort by Ram’s students in the weeks after his passing - in the spring of 2007, the students taped printouts of the first page of all of Ram’s publications to the stairwell wall in an impromptu memorial. The memorial was made permanent in the year following and an official opening celebration was held on March 31, 2010. The Stairwell Project is a lasting tribute in commemoration of Ram’s commitment to and passion for the marine sciences, and will also serve as an inspiration to future students and faculty.

All involved would like to acknowledge the donors that made this memorial possible.

Completed Stairwell #1Completed Stairwell #4


Completed Stairwell #2Completed Stairwell #3

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