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Database description and entity-relationship diagram

Start here if you are not familiar with the database and want to understand hot the different tables are related to each other.

Database description

The RAM Legacy database of stock assessments is an updated version based on earlier work by Dr. Ransom A. Myers and colleagues. The database design loosely follows the original compilation of stock-recruitment data that Dr. Myers first undertook in the mid-1990s and kept updating until his illness.

The database currently consists of a variety of linked tables that contain information obtained from stock assessments of marine living resources. Assessment model results and ancillary information from each stock are captured in a spreadsheet template that is then used to populate the database using Structured Query Language (SQL).

Most practitioners will find the database "views" to be the most useful for conducting analyses.

Entity-relationship diagram

The entity-relationship diagram (ERD) shows the structure of the database and describes how each table is related to other tables in the database. The ERD is a useful resource for building queries and navigating your way through the database.


Visual description of the structure of the RAM Legacy database

A full-size version of the above is available here.

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