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Downloads and how to access the RAM Legacy database

Static copies of the RAM Legacy database will be available in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel format soon, upon final publication of Ricard et al. in Fish and Fisheries. Alternatively, the "live" database will be accessible through ODBC enabling a variety of analytical sotware to extract data directly.

RAM Legacy database - downloads of current version

Static copies

On October 4th 2011, we have made static copies of the database available. These files are often the format requested by users. However, the static copies are completely separate from the RAM Legacy database itself. Any error fixes, updates, design changes and other tasks must be implemented on the database server itself and not on a user's static copy.

Microsoft Access (Access 2010 .accdb file, ~24MB)

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file (Excel 2010 .xlsx file, ~5MB)

Summary document of the database contents (PDF document, 700+pages, 12MB) (NOTE: this document also includes stocks for which we have information but that do not undergo proper stock assessments)

Release notes

Version 1.0:

  • Public release of the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database, in conjunction with the publication of an article by Ricard et al. (in press) in Fish and Fisheries.
  • Version 1.0 contains 331 assessments in total.

"Live" database access

A database server hosting both the production and development versions of RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database is accessible. This allows practitioners to directly connect to the database to extract the information they require.

A user-friendly way to view the different tables and views of the database is through a program called pgAdmin. This program provides a graphical user interface to view the database structure and contents, and to write SQL queries.

In a Windows or Linux environment, an Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) Data Source Name (DSN) can be configured with an appropriate PostgreSQL driver; this will allow database access from any software that supports ODBC (MS Access, MS Excel, R, Matlab, SAS, ...). More details about how to connect to the "live" database are available here.

RAM Legacy database - development version

The database is being updated and expanded for a variety of projects and through a variety of collaborators. The development version of the database can be accessed by researchers interested in running collaborative analyses with the database developers. The development version is the most up-to-date version of the database and is different from that used in Ricard et al. (in press), because of stock updates, new assessments and resolution of data errors found in Version 1.0.

We plan on releasing new versions of the database for the foreseeable future as updates to existing stocks become accessible and as new stocks are added.

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